Boost – the dinosaur years

He was three, on Sundays we would go to Geoff’s and buy a balsa kit. A sheet of pre-punched profiles that would build a dinosaur.

Crossing the road to Boost I would have coffee while we would assemble the dinosaur. His hair blonde and curly, happy.

A man in his late forties frequently sat with his seventy something mother, she talked about the priest, he listened .

The last time we went there he was twelve, I was forty-nine. His hair straighter and darker. He had a ham and cheese toasted sandwich, feeling grey haired I had coffee. No trip to Geoff’s, he read a copy of PC Power Play.

Being Sunday, a man in his late fifties sat with his eighty something mother, she complained about the rest home food. Dutifully he took the twenty and two tens she handed him then paid the bill.

In late 2014, may be October or November, I sat at the same table eating a ham and cheese toasted. In the afternoon I would pick him up, now thirteen, and we would visit his grandparents. His grandmother gave him five dollars for cleaning the fish pond, I threw a bloated goldfish into the bush filled gully.

Back at the cafe a man in his late fifties sat alone, apart from flowers wrapped in cellophane, eating bacon and eggs with toast.

Yesterday I walked past. The frontage,decor,layout,furniture was the same, new name. No espresso or ham and cheese toasted, Signage and menu in Chinese, Yelp suggesting it is a dessert cafe.

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