Send me a post card when you know

The man to the right asks me where I am getting my internet from. “Dunno, I’ll see whats out there.” He confides in me that the last time he connected, it was to the ASB Bank.

Sipping my coffee I try Spark, Auckland Council, Skype Wifi and then giving up and tethering to my phone. Frustratingly it connects to the phone but not the internet. I restart the wifi adapter and it eventually connects.

The man asks me how I cracked my screen. “I dropped it onto a tiled floor.”

He tells me he is 82. “I was born when Hitler came to power and I have been fighting Nazi’s all my life.” Proudly he smiles ” I’ve been banned from all the talk-back stations.”

Observing that the weather is overcast he reminds me that he is 82 and is looking forward to meeting God. He will then thank God for the good weather and finally discover if God is a man or a woman. I smile “Send me a post card when you know.”

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